Professional Reconstruction Services You Can Rely On

Reconstruction in Houston, TX

Getting back to normal after an incident or disaster is important to you and we understand that. By working with Xtrac Restoration, we consider the appropriate reconstruction even as the claim is just beginning to be consulted. Efficiency is on your side, since our consultants work with our construction teams and other professional contractors that will rebuild your home. There is never any need to look for any other contractors since Xtrac is a full-service general contractor serving Houston, Corpus Christi and Victoria and nearby areas.

Choosing a reliable restoration service contractor could mean the difference between a small cleanup and a costlier and time-consuming restoration. Our extensive training and experience to all types of professional cleaning, repair and disaster recovery situations, large or small makes us THE ONE STOP SHOP for valued clients across Houston, Corpus Christi and Victoria and nearby communities. At Xtrac, our client feels confident knowing that you'll receive the fastest possible disaster recovery response.

Xtrac is a Professional Contractor

Xtrac Restoration is a full-service general contractor in Houston, Texas. This means that we have professionals in every area, on hand to rebuild immediately. We can help you fully recover from any claim, by providing professional and experienced remodeling crews, electricians, plumbers, HVAC and even landscapers to totally complete any project.

Our emphasis is always focused on the quality of the work that we produce. Many insurance companies will have lesser quality laborers or handyman services that will work cheaply to keep the cost of the claim low. Our professionals work with our consultants so that a more accurate claim adjustment is pursued. This results in the best quality work for any project that you may have resulting from an insurance claim.