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Flood / Water Damage

Restoring Flooded Homes in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, TX

Water damage is hazardous to your health and dangerous for your home or business, therefore time is of the essence when it occurs. If not taken care of immediately, excess water in your home can promote electrical hazards, cause expensive damage to your home's structure and furnishings, and can even lead to the growth of hazardous mold. If treated quickly, you can minimize the damage, reduce restoration costs and prevent the growth of mold, and other contaminants.

Services Provided:

Xtrac Restoration and our team of water and flood damage repair professionals have the equipment and experience necessary to handle the most challenging situations. We are equipped to facilitate quick response to water damage calls for repair and restoration. We combine our professional know-how with state-of-the-art equipment and products to give you the best quality service.

You can count on us to provide professional residential and commercial water and flood damage repair and restoration using the industry's best products and techniques. Xtrac is the one stop shop for flood and water damage serving Houston, Corpus Christi and Victoria areas.

We provide prompt action by experienced water and flood damage repair and restoration experts making a difference in mitigating structural damage to property. Xtrac Restoration concentrates on safely drying, deodorizing and disinfecting the areas flooded or damaged by water.

Our crew is available around-the-clock to help minimize water damage to walls, floors and ceilings. Most importantly, we respond to your water damage needs and restore your peace of mind. Serving Houston, Corpus Christi and Victoria areas.